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Where’d I Leave It Wednesday – The Chair Conundrum

Happy Thursday bookish people! I know it’s a day late but I had so much work to do yesterday and I still wanted to post my story so I’m posting it today instead!

So imagine the scene. I was at the Art College, I was a student I wasn’t just there randomly I promise, and it was just a normal day. The lights were too bright and were creating shadows on the dried paint splattered tables everyone was working on. There was a group of students laying in various positions on the floor waiting for their prints to soak in the dye they were using.

I was sat at the table nearest the door with three other people. I was sketching drawings of buildings, that later I was told were done badly so that was nice to know, and I needed to get up and stretch my legs. I’m not joking, the chairs in that room were like sitting on a pile of sharp stones.

So I got up and walked around the room. I was using my cane and I felt like I was carrying a metal detector. The only thing I’d find using one of those in the Art College would be an abundance of paperclips. Anyway, when I got back I went to my table and I went to my chair and I leant my cane against the back of the chair.

Except it wasn’t a chair. It was a person.

And they were not impressed. I quickly grabbed my cane and apologized. Then I almost tripped over my own feet trying to get away as fast as I could. I went back to my table, my actual chair, and pretended nothing had happened.

That’s it for today’s story! I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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