Bookmas 2021

Merry Bookmas Day 24 – 24th December – Family Traditions

Happy Thursday bookish people! Merry Bookmas day 24. Oh my goodness, it’s Christmas eve. I literally feel like a little girl again, all buzzing with excitement. I really love Christmas, it’s such a magical time of year in my opinion. And I have some very specific family traditions. Do you have any family traditions for Christmas? I’d love to read about them in the comments.

First off, my Sister’s birthday is on the 23rd December. She hates it because it’s so close to Christmas and everyone around her is getting excited and prepared for that instead of her birthday. We always have a meal on her birthday with just her, me, our Mum and Dad and Grandma. This year is a little different because her partner and his daughter and his parents will also be there so lots of people.

On Christmas Eve we go to the Pantomime. It started years ago because I could never get to sleep on Christmas eve so we started going to the Pantomime in the evening so that it would tire me out. Which it did. Now we still go because we love it, I do especially and it has become an important family tradition.

Then Christmas Day. Get up in the morning and once everyone is awake we can open the presents. We eat biscuits for breakfast and have a nice time. Then for lunch we usually head to Grandma’s house for a roast dinner and pulling crackers. My Grandad would gather up all the terrible jokes and read them out at random points throughout the day. Then we would start the game.

A few days before Christmas we would use a bingo machine to put all 14 of us into pairs and work out which pair would be playing against which pair for the yearly Uckers tournament. If you don’t know what uckers is, it’s like Ludo but in pairs, It’s quite a complicated game really. We are a very competitive family and this game takes all afternoon and late into the evening. My Grandad even made us a trophy and medal for the finalists. It is always a busy but great day. In 2019 my grandad died and for the past few years we haven’t done the tournament because it’s strange without him but maybe in the next few years we will get back to playing it.

So, that’s my family traditions for Christmas day and the few days before it, I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

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