Chopped Readathon: Easter Seek and Find edition!

Happy Thursday bookish people! I am so excited to be bringing you the information about the next readathon I am cohosting with @Plaid_readeriswriting in April.

This will be a week long readathon with seven prompts. Each prompt is based on an Easter egg with an ‘Easter’ themed item inside of it. As with the first readathon we hosted there will be a form where you can log your progress, how many pages and how many books you have read over that week. The prompts can be interpreted however you would like to.

The dates of the readathon are: April 10th -17th

The prompts of the readathon are:

Flower – The first book that you think of or the first book that you see.

Chocolate – Plot twist or a surprise

Cake – Multiple POV

Bunny – a short read

Sun – Non-book prompt – such as watch bookish videos, take a bath etc have some self care

Moon – a mystery

And finally carrot – a title that starts with a c

so that is the date of the readathon and the prompts, we will be talking more about the readathon on our twitter accounts: @oliviatempleto6 , @plaid_readeriswriting and @choppedread and if you need any more information you can message us on Twitter or in the comments below, I hope you will enjoy the readathon as much as we do!

Here is a link to the sign up form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScF9VfoQE_X6O14IPDygNi9DB9nCNQAZycoRxvtaWC72mnPpA/viewform

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