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Guide Dogs: My second match

Happy Friday everyone! What a month it has been! If you have seen a few of my blogs you will know my Sister got married in October but the day before her wedding something exciting happened; my second matching visit with Guide Dogs. Two days before the wedding I got a phone call from the people at Guide Dogs and they told me that there was a potential match, a beautiful golden retriever cross yellow Labrador. It is really nerve-wracking, and exciting of course, but I have never had a dog before so I knew that whether it was this dog or another one I would eventually be looking after one. That is something that isn’t talked about as much with guide dogs, the reason to apply for one is for the help they will give me but also, it is a big responsibility.

So, the day of the matching arrives and immediately I could tell that she was the perfect temperament, she plays for a short amount of time and spends most of the time sleeping and resting at my feet. One the first matching day we went on a nice forty minute walk that I do regularly, and she worked well, a good speed for my walking pace and of course everything comes down to practice with these situations.

The second matching walk was done the week following and again it surprised me how well it went. The Thursday it went to panel I was so nervous in the morning I was chatting about everything and nothing all at once. When I got the phone call to tell me that I would be going forward with the training stage and that is when all the hard work started, which I will be talking about in my next Guide Dogs post.

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