Nostalgic Books

Happy Friday bookish people! I hope you are all doing well today!

Today’s post was brought on because my Sister, who has moved out, and her Daughter came over and wanted to see if there were any books in the loft from her childhood, and my childhood, that would be suitable reading for her daughter. I was not ready for how many memories this brought back, the amount of books up there was crazy! Obviously, I am a big reader even when I was very young so most of the books were mine and I thought it would be fun if I shared some of the books that were the most nostalgic for me.

Lets start off with a good one:

The Rainbow Magic Fairies series

I LOVED these books when I was younger, to be honest I loved anything to do with fairies but these were one of my favourite series’. I have to say I kept a few of these books back for myself and my memories rather than giving them to my sister’s daughter, which I felt bad about and then I realised I had actually drawn all over the books anyway. OOPS!

Stardust by Linda Chapman

This was a seven books series which I also really loved. It is about a girl called Lucy who finds out she is a stardust spirit and has magic powers. I learnt a lot about nature and animals from this series and to be honest it is still enjoyable to read even now I am in my 20’s.

The Pony Mad princess Series

I had these books when I was young and I have to say they are very nostalgic because a few months ago, before we even thought about going into the loft, I kept remembering a scene from this book where the horse gets into trouble and she sees another girl in the bushes and I learnt that to keep a horse warm you need to rub its ears.

and finally…

The Lady in the Tower by Marie Louise Jennison

If you have been on any of my other blog posts you probably know I love this book, I talk about it a lot. It was the first book that really showed me that I love historical fiction, especially around the Tudors which is my favourite historical era.

What books are nostalgic for you?

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