The Kitten Escapades Part 1

Happy Sunday bookish people! I hope everyone’s weekend has been lovely. Today my story is going to be one of the (many!) things that our kitten has done – he’s a crazy ball of fluff, very curious and very mischievous. He knows what things he shouldn’t do he just does them anyway. So, I’m probably going to turn this into a series, that’s why this is part one, because he’s almost definitely going to be doing naughty things for a while yet.

We got him, I say ‘we’ – he’s my Sister’s kitten but he loves me more, in October of 2020. My Sister’s friend had a cat called Luna who had four kittens (Trigger, Rusty, Opal and Shadow) three boys and one girl. Then unfortunately Luna was hit by a car and the kittens were left motherless. My Sister and her friend then hand reared the four kittens and one of them became very attached to my Sister and we got to keep him! Now we have a black and white kitten called Shadow. He’s afraid of everything and he likes to wake up at nighttime and play with his toys that have bells on them.

So, last week I was in the bath, and it was warm and relaxing and lovely. except for the slight breeze coming through the door that has to be left ajar. Shadow doesn’t like being shut out of rooms, he cries and cries at the door if you do. He especially doesn’t like being shut out of the bathroom because he likes to curl up on the purple flower mat that we have in there. If it ever goes really quiet in the house we would probably find him asleep there on the bathroom mat. So that’s why we have to keep the bathroom door open if any of us are in the bath – well, actually my Mum and I are the only ones who keep it open because we can’t resist the cute little kitten.

I’m in the bath, the door is open, and in comes Shadow. I could hear him purring but I couldn’t see him from where I was so I assumed he was just getting comfortable and then he would go to sleep. This is not what he did. It went very quiet and again I assumed he was asleep and I’d just have to be careful not to stand on him when I got out of the bath. So I’m washing my hair and for some reason I do this with my eyes closed, don’t ask me why because honestly I have no idea. Then all of a sudden I open my eyes and a black and white blur shoots over the edge of the bath. The front half of it starts to land on the edge next to me. But then it slips. And suddenly there’s a kitten in my bath. He does not like water and as soon as he hit the water he was already trying to get out, unfortunately for him there was something in his way from doing that. My leg, it was my leg in the way because he had fallen on it and now he was scratching it in his rush to get out. He did manage to get out. I screamed, he meowed, everyone downstairs heard and he showered me in water droplets and cat hair when he was firmly on the bathroom mat again. I might start closing the door from now on…

That’s it for this story! I hope everyone enjoyed it! I’m going to be posting some book reviews today as well so come back to read those if you are interested. Also, the kittens in the picture are not mine, I wasn’t able to post a photo of my kitten for safety reason but there are going to be photos on my instagram @the_blind_scribe if you want to see him!


The Birthday List Bickers

So.. if you don’t know my birthday is in March (I’m going to be 22! – That feels strange) and, as she does every year, my Mum asked me to write a birthday list. It takes me multiple days to write a list, one – because I have a lot of things to write on the list and two – because I have very few things to go on the list.
Meaning – I end up with a list of about 50 books (not even half the books that I ACTUALLY want) but the only thing on my list is books.
Every year my Mum and I have the same conversation “is that it?” “Mum, there’s like fifty books on it” “but it’s only books” “yes Mum, that’s all I want”.

This year I’ve branched out a bit, now don’t get too excited – I haven’t had a personality switch and asked for clothes or films or a garden patch (although I did very unrealistically ask for a greenhouse every Christmas between the ages of five and fifteen). I asked for a book cart. A green one, obviously because green is the best colour and the thing that is going to hold my most precious items (books – in case you hadn’t guessed) needs to be the best colour, in other words not one I’m going to get bored of anytime soon. There was a beautiful yellow one but my family acted like if I got that one they’d have to permanently wear sunglasses to enter the room it was in. It wasn’t that bright. I am looking forward to getting it, it’s sea green and it reminds me of the colour of the Little Mermaid’s tail. It is going to go next to where I sit in the living room and then all I have to do is just reach out my hand and grab a book! Easy Peasy! Much easier than having to climb up my bed (yes, I have to climb a ladder to get into my bed I usually imagine I’m scaling a castle wall don’t judge me.)
Fair warning, once I get my book cart it’s going to feature in pretty much all of my Instagram photos for the foreseeable future because I’m already in love with it and it hasn’t even arrived yet…

Has anyone else got a book cart? Also, I’d take a guess that the book cart is going to be as tall as me, maybe even taller… I’m a very short person and they look pretty big. That will be an interesting experience trying to push that around – like a tea trolley lady except you can’t see them behind the cart so it’s just like a voice without a body.

That’s it for today’s post I hope you all liked it! Comment and let me know if you like it, or if you didn’t, or if you just want to talk about books (or anything really) I’m always happy to talk and make friends!
My next post is going to be tomorrow, Monday, and it is going to be my first book review on the blog, come back tomorrow and check it out if you are interested.