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The Book Courtship Tag

Happy Friday bookish people! I hope you all enjoy my answers to the Book Courtship Tag which was created by Socially Awkward Bookworm.

Phase 1: Initial attraction – a book you bought because of the cover

Phase 2: first impressions – a book you bought because of the summary

Phase 3: sweet talk – a book with great writing

Phase 4: first date- a first book of a series that made you want to read on

This isn’t the first book in the series, but it is the first book I read from the series then I went out and bought them all

Phase 5: late night phone calls – a book that kept you up all night

Phase six: always on my mind – a book you could not stop thinking about

Phase 7: getting physical – a book that you love the way it feels

Phase 8: meeting the parents – a book you would reccomend

Phase 9: thinking about the future – a book or series you will reread in the future

Phase 10: Tag someone

I tag everyone!