Bookmas 2021

Bookmas Day 3 – December 3rd – Fun Christmas Book Trivia

Happy Friday bookish people! And Merry Bookmas day 3. Today I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and whenever I think of something fun I always think of quizzes. That might be because I’m a bit of a strange person but hey, nevermind, Bookmas day three is a Christmas book themed quiz! Leave your answers in the comments below!

  1. In A Christmas Carol, what is the name of Scrooge’s clerk? A – Jacob Marley, B – Bob Cratchit, C – Tiny Tim
  2. In which Children’s Classic is it always winter but never Christmas? A – The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, B – The Little White Horse, C – The Wolves of Willoughby
  3. In what year was the poem The Night Before Christmas published? A – 1823, B – 1876, C – 1901
  4. McFly’s Dougie and Tom wrote a Christmas book, what was the title of the first book? A – The Monster That Ate Christmas, B – The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas, C – The Alien That Zapped Christmas
  5. When the Grinch steals Christmas what is the first thing to go? A – The tree, B – The Stockings, C – The Presents, D – The decorations
  6. In Little Women which sister is the first to wake on Christmas day? A – Amy, B – Beth, C – Meg, D – Jo
  7. Who was the second ghost to visit Scrooge? A – Christmas past, B – Christmas Present, C – Christmas Future
  8. In the Polar Express what is the first gift of Christmas wished for by the boy? A – A silver bell for the reindeer, B – A snowflake that will never melt
  9. Who is the author of The Snowman? A – Charles Dickens, B – Cornelia Funke, C – Raymond Briggs
  10. How many sizes does the Grinch’s heart grow? A – 3, B – 4, C – 2

So that’s all the questions I have for you, as I said above I would love to see your answers in the comments below. I will be back tomorrow, hopefully, with a collection of The Night Before Christmas poems.