Bookmas 2021

Merry Bookmas Day 9 – 9th December – Which Book Should I Read Over Christmas Quiz!

Happy Thursday bookish people! Merry bookmas day 9. I always love a good quiz, especially around Christmas time so I thought why not combine my love of Christmas, books and quizzes all in one. I will say I did not create this quiz, I found it on

So, let’s get on with the quiz!

Which genre is your go to? A. Fantasy, B. Historical, C. Contemporary/Romance, D. Thriller/Mystery, E. Sci-fi

What do you look forward to most over Christmas? A. Snow, B. Giving/receiving presents, C. Spending time with family, D. Decorating, E. Watching films

Pick a Winter Wonderland:
A –

A Short History of ... "Winter Wonderland" - JAZZIZ Magazine

B –

Annie Lennox 'Winter Wonderland ' - YouTube

C –

Winter Wonderland Boxed Christmas Cards | Redlin Art Center

D –

winter wonderland theme

E –

merry christmas photo backdrop snowflake photography background winter –  dreamybackdrop
  1. What is your favourite Christmas food? A. Mince pies, B. Stollen/Yule log, C. Christmas Cake, D. Roast Dinner, E. Christmas Pudding

    Pick a Christmas jumper:
    A –
ASVP Shop Adults' Unisex Christmas Jumper with Christmas Lights Design and  Pom Pom Baubles - ASVP Shop

B –

Red Fairisle Penguin Christmas Jumper | Women | George at ASDA

C –

Buy Navy Gonk Scene Christmas Jumper from the Next UK online shop

D –

Tips For Reusing Your Christmas Jumpers | Primark Christmas | Primark UK

E –

Green Santa Knitted Christmas Jumper | Kids | George at ASDA

  1. What would you ask for as a present? A. Books, B. An experience day, C. Clothes, D. something else, E. Game

    Choose a decoration? A. Tinsel, B. Baubles, C. Mistletoe, D. Wreaths, E. Lights

If you got:

Mostly As: Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Mostly Bs: Three Sisters Three Queens by Philippa Gregory

Mostly Cs: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Mostly Ds: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Mostly Es: Winters Orbit by Everina Maxwell

That’s it for this quiz, what book did you get?

Bookmas 2021

Bookmas Day 3 – December 3rd – Fun Christmas Book Trivia

Happy Friday bookish people! And Merry Bookmas day 3. Today I thought it would be fun to do something a little different and whenever I think of something fun I always think of quizzes. That might be because I’m a bit of a strange person but hey, nevermind, Bookmas day three is a Christmas book themed quiz! Leave your answers in the comments below!

  1. In A Christmas Carol, what is the name of Scrooge’s clerk? A – Jacob Marley, B – Bob Cratchit, C – Tiny Tim
  2. In which Children’s Classic is it always winter but never Christmas? A – The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, B – The Little White Horse, C – The Wolves of Willoughby
  3. In what year was the poem The Night Before Christmas published? A – 1823, B – 1876, C – 1901
  4. McFly’s Dougie and Tom wrote a Christmas book, what was the title of the first book? A – The Monster That Ate Christmas, B – The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas, C – The Alien That Zapped Christmas
  5. When the Grinch steals Christmas what is the first thing to go? A – The tree, B – The Stockings, C – The Presents, D – The decorations
  6. In Little Women which sister is the first to wake on Christmas day? A – Amy, B – Beth, C – Meg, D – Jo
  7. Who was the second ghost to visit Scrooge? A – Christmas past, B – Christmas Present, C – Christmas Future
  8. In the Polar Express what is the first gift of Christmas wished for by the boy? A – A silver bell for the reindeer, B – A snowflake that will never melt
  9. Who is the author of The Snowman? A – Charles Dickens, B – Cornelia Funke, C – Raymond Briggs
  10. How many sizes does the Grinch’s heart grow? A – 3, B – 4, C – 2

So that’s all the questions I have for you, as I said above I would love to see your answers in the comments below. I will be back tomorrow, hopefully, with a collection of The Night Before Christmas poems.


My plans for Bookmas/Blogmas 2021

Happy Friday bookish people! I hope you are all doing well. Today’s post is more of an information dump than what I usually post. I wanted to let you all know about what my plans are for this blog in December – and yes, I have given myself a lot of work to do because I plan to post every day in December. I’ve already started making and scheduling the posts so I won’t have to be stressed every day in December about whether or not I can make the posts in time, so as long as technology works as it should there will be a post from me every day. Fingers crossed.

I am going to list here what is currently the plan to be posted each day!

  1. My December TBR
  2. Bookish Advent Calendars – ones I saw on Etsy that looked interesting
  3. Fun christmas bookish trivia – a quiz!
  4. A collection of Night Before Christmas parodies
  5. The best drinks to curl up with in winter – including some recipes
  6. The Christmas Stocking Book Tag
  7. The best books of 2021 – I love looking at these so I had to include my own
  8. Cosy books to read at Christmas
  9. Which book should I read over Christmas? – another quiz!
  10. Bookish Christmas gifts
  11. Books that surprised me this year
  12. The Christmas song book tag
  13. The best and worst books of each month in 2021
  14. Books I wish I had got to this year
  15. Goals and things I’m looking forward to in 2021
  16. Books on my Christmas wishlist
  17. Bookmas trees
  18. Bookish naughty or nice tag
  19. Bookshelf tour – I am still debating if I should just take pictures or if I should try and video it, what do you think?
  20. Bookish Christmas quiz – yes another one!
  21. Christmas cuisine book tag
  22. Christmas films I reccomend
  23. Books with a Christmas theme
  24. Christmas Family traditions
  25. Book Characters Who I’d love to spend Christmas with
  26. Winter book tag
  27. 2022 most anticipated books
  28. The jingle bell book tag
  29. End of year book tag
  30. My book of the year for 2021
  31. My stats for 2021

So, that’s what my December posts are going to look like! Are you excited for them? What post are you most looking forward to seeing on my blog?